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About Me

A Lifetime of Acting

  • I classify myself as a "Showman", from my beginning in traveling Shows to Screen. My acting career began as a young teen in Chicago, IL.. After high school, I produced & directed stage shows throughout the Midwest and East coast.  Taking a break from touring, I worked in radio as a news announcer, show producer then became an on-air personality for several radio stations in Illinois and Michigan, then stage, film and television soon followed. 

  • I'm very happy to be the Father of three and a Grandparent to one little guy.

I prefer;

Method acting “emotion memory” works, it's not weird, it's professional job training... which everyone has to do. 

A combination of Stanislavski and  Strasberg.

Funny, sincere, likeable

Like Jack Nicholson once said - "If you get an impulse in a Scene, no matter how wrong it seems, follow that impulse. It maybe something, and if it ain't - take two"!


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